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Heathfield is a boutique consulting firm and managed services provider, focused on data-driven strategy optimization. We apply sophisticated analytical tools and techniques to help business owners and senior executives profitably identify, quantify and resolve strategic challenges.

At the heart of the Heathfield process is a superior ability to:

  1. Gather, organize and analyze diverse sources of information to derive monetizable insights into the challenges faced by your business.
  2. Leverage a global network of best-of-breed, specialist teams to deliver projects customized to your specific strategic requirements.
  3. Deliver actionable analytics and solutions that will drive profit growth, on time and on budget.


Using our expertise in ‘big-data’ tools and techniques, our Commercial Strategy Optimization Service is designed for C-level, revenue-focused executives focused on a B2B market. Learn More


Using our expertise in data management and analytics, our Operations Strategy Optimization Service is designed for C-level, cost-focused executives and Operations Managers. Learn More.


Heathfield offers business strategy training courses to the academic and corporate markets. We work with you and 3rd party educational technology providers to create and deliver a customized syllabus adapted to your specific needs.  Learn More

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